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About Us

With information on the relationships between 2,000+ agencies and 20,000+ brands across the UK - Brands & Agencies is the go-to directory for brands and agencies to find each other. 

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Brought to you by Prolific North

Celebrating, connecting and informing the North's creative and digital sectors.

Launched in 2013, Prolific North is now established as the leading news, jobs and events hub for the creative, digital, tech, media and marketing sectors in the North of England.

The publisher also runs events for national and international audiences, including Digital City Festival - the annual event series exploring what makes a leading digital city.

In association with Umbraco and Twitter

About Umbraco

Umbraco’s goal is to make an accessible, transparent and open-source platform available to all the brands and agencies worldwide who want to make great web solutions. These objectives are very much in line with the values of the Brands & Agencies platform.

Umbraco is one of the leading open-source CMS built on the Microsoft .NET platform. It is known and loved by developers worldwide for its flexibility and freedom to build any type of website, app, or other digital solution with easy integrations to other systems and platforms. And with a dedicated focus on crafting a friendly editing experience, Umbraco is especially praised by content creators as it lets them get new content out to their customers in a swiftly and friction-free way. Umbraco also runs as SaaS offerings. Services that provide all-in-one Azure hosting, automatic upgrade as well as predictability in cost, performance, and time - it’s simply the best place to run and manage any Umbraco website whether you’re looking for a headless solution, a no-code website builder, or a fully customizable CMS.

Since founded in 2005 by Danish developer Niels Hartvig, Umbraco is now the backbone of more than 700,000 websites worldwide and has a strong and friendly open-source community of more than 220,000 active members. The Umbraco Headquarter is in Odense, Denmark.

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About Twitter Business

Twitter connects businesses to the most powerful, leaned-in audience when they're most receptive. We’re thrilled to support Brands & Agencies to create new relationships and partnerships, and be part of the conversation. 

Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. It’s the home for breaking news and real-time, public conversation for sports, entertainment, technology, cultural movements, and more. The variety and richness of the conversations that happen on the platform give Twitter an outsized advantage in helping customers around the world launch new offerings and connect with what’s happening. 

The people that are having these conversations are key; they’re game-changers and superfans. They’re leaned in, leading the way, and driving the conversation. They may not always be ideal, but they’re real — and they’re hungry for information and connection to the world around them. Twitter’s audience is culturally-passionate, they’re the first to try and buy, and they drive results. This ability to connect brands and businesses to our fastgrowing, influential, and passionate audience is what makes Twitter so unique and valuable as an advertising platform.

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