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Ask an Agency...volume 10

We speak to Chris Raven, CEO of Heur, who shares his top tips for brands looking to grow

Chris Raven, CEO of growth agency Heur

London based Heur know a thing or two about digital marketing. More than that, they work closely with clients by embedding into their team to really understand what makes their brand tick and help them scale successfully. 

Chris Raven, CEO of growth agency Heur

In your view, what's the biggest thing or opportunity that brands miss when looking to grow and what would be your top tips to solve them?

Not defining your audience across different channels - Creating mass content for many different platforms can seem like the easiest practice when it comes to digital marketing. However, different platforms call for different content.

Often brands miss out on achieving their potential on digital channels because they’re creating content that is too vague and feels mass-produced. I would suggest streamlining and segmenting your target demographics across all channels and gain a good understanding of their specific needs and wants. Use unique messaging and niche creatives that resonate with your refined target market. Audiences value authenticity.

Wise words from Chris this week. Stay tuned for another edition soon. If you'd like to be part of Ask an Agency, drop us a line below!

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