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The best tools to make your marketing pitch fly

A marketing pitch is a challenging venture. It involves research, planning, performing, public speaking, and just a sprinkle of luck to impress a prospective client.

A marketing pitch is a challenging venture. It involves research, planning, performing, public speaking, and just a sprinkle of luck to impress a prospective client.

Whether you’re looking for a retainer contract or are looking at a particular brief, the marketing pitch is a make or break moment for an agency.

And once you’ve done your homework, defined the problem to be solved, worked out why you’re the best agency for the job, refined your offering, made plans to hit the ground running, and outlined the ways you’ll progress through the agreement with the brand in question - how do you set yourself apart from the competition?

There are a range of digital solutions out there to fine-tune your marketing pitch for when you’re next face-to-face with a client; and can turn a great pitch into an outstanding one. Prospective clients want to be blown away, and while what you have to offer might have the ‘wow’ factor, the way you present it on the day also has an enormous impact.

So how can you make your marketing pitch fly, and grab the attention of brand decisionmakers the next time you’re in the room with them?

Collaborate on winning presentations : Pitch

This digital solution helps teams communicate complex ideas simply and digestibly. The platform is a complete platform for presentations and includes a suite of things a marketing team can use.

Whether it’s professional-looking templates, video collaboration tools, or its minimalist editing software, the whole thing allows entire teams to come together on a project ahead of a pitch and make it as good as possible.

It’s free for its ‘starter’ package, which includes unlimited presentations and guests, as well as templates and video collaboration - upgrade for access to shared private folders, unbranded PDF exports, and the ability to upload files of any size.

Find unique and practical insights: SEMrush

To set yourself up perfectly for your upcoming pitch, don’t forget the power of SEMrush to do some really powerful things for existing and potential clients.

The tool can provide insights into brands’ online performance, marketing strategies and target audiences - so you can enter the room with all the knowledge necessary to impress - and will help you personalise your plan of action for the brand in question by identifying what gaps exist which you can solve.

What’s more, even when there’s no pitch upcoming, you can utilise SEMrush to look for potential clients and get the data you need on their performance, then reach out and knock them out.

Create visually stunning designs: Canva

If you’re on-the-go, Canva is a fantastic solution for a busy marketing team needing to put something visual together. The free tool has loads of designs and templates, as well as animations and presentation examples you can base your pitch on.

When you don’t have access to the best designers and software, Canva is a fantastic solution for levelling the playing field. Collaborate with your team on upcoming projects and keep all the correct assets in one place, enabling a level of agility going into the next marketing pitch you didn’t have before.

Using the browser-based programme, you can utilise stylish backgrounds, pre-made graphic elements, and selected fonts to give your pitch the finish it deserves.

Practise and prepare for success: Pitcherific

Pitcherific includes a range of best-practice templates to guide you with your pitch’s content and structure. Although it has a big focus on start-ups pitching for investment, the tool is able to be customised in a wide range of ways.

It involves pre-made structures as well as an in-built time checker which allows you to practice your delivery on the fly, and it also includes commonly-asked questions and objections to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Improve results with professional-looking animations: Vyond

If you want to impress potential clients with animation, utilise Vyond’s online software to create something remarkable. The platform allows for the creation of marketing pitch videos quickly, easily, and in a budget-friendly way - including thousands of movements, and tens of thousands of assets.

Animation is a great way to bring some life to a marketing pitch, allowing you to tell stories in a new and exciting way.

Usa data presented beautifully to impress: Piktochart

Using data, statistics and raw numbers? You need to find a way to present these to your prospective client in a new and engaging way, or risk them turning off. Piktochart allows for the creation of eye-catching infographics, helping you make digestible performance reports and show with ease the impact of your past work.

The solution also includes a pitch deck solution which can break down complex data and easily be shared and made interactive. Through this, you can make the most of your most salient points and truly engage the decisionmakers you’re pitching to.


Ultimately, you can take advantage of digital tools to take a great pitch to the next level, and create an unforgettable one.

Once you’ve refined your great idea and briefed your team, these are the solutions you can use to get that agreement over the line, and win new business for your agency.