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Code Computerlove

We’re Code, and we are a new kind of digital partner.

Our industry has changed dramatically since we built our first digital products back in 1999. Our attitudes, beliefs and approaches have continually changed as we’ve adapted. Years ago, we recognised we need to design our company to constantly evolve so we can always help our clients and partners with their rapidly changing customer and market needs.

The way we work isn’t to predict what the entirety of an end product will look like, but to focus on what our clients need to achieve. We find ideas that have business impact and make them happen. Always starting where we can deliver the biggest results, then testing, learning and improving before moving on to the next goal.

This is different to the way most agencies work. It’s faster. More collaborative. More flexible.

If you want to make something brilliant, you can’t sit still. So we don’t.



  • Manchester
Agency size

50-100 staff

  • App development
  • Branding strategy
  • Campaign planning / implementation
  • Data analytics
  • Digital transformation
  • Ecommerce strategy / implementation
  • New product development
  • SEO audit
  • UX and UI
  • Web design
  • Web development