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Little Moons Sampling Tour - Little Moons sampling in seaside towns.

We created a Little Moons sampling tour of the British seasides with our vintage branded ice cream van spreading summer joy across the UK, one mochi ball at a time.

Services Offered

Campaign planning / implementation, Event production / marketing, Creative design, Branding strategy, POS / merchandising, Sales promotion, Exhibitions

Despite the pandemic we successfully created and delivered a sampling campaign to consumers in seaside towns.

We wrapped our ice cream van in super high-visibility gloss branding and set off for the sun.

We work directly with the sensational and incredibly popular Little Moons mochi brand. So we wrapped our ice cream van in ‘Big Summer Tour’ branding.

The iMP sampling team visited 5 seaside town locations and London during August 2021. iMP managed everything from the strategy, vehicle, logistics and event spaces to drivers, staffing, and health and safety.

The ice cream van arrived at pre-arranged sites in Southend-on-Sea, Margate, Brighton, Bournemouth, Sandbanks and Westminster.

Managed by iMP event managers and brand ambassadors the campaign was a combination of product sampling, experiential and PR.

A new range of limited edition Little Moons flavours were created just for this activation. This drove consumer trial, awareness of the brand and retailer locations.

The branded promo vehicle was key to the success of the campaign, providing a refrigerated base to store and sample the mochi ice cream.

But it also served as a moving billboard advertisement for the brand as we travelled around the country.

The main part of the sampling strategy was to generate consumer trial.

Sampling through taste is one of the most effective ways to create new consumer purchases. So it allows shoppers to see, try and then buy the product.

With a product like ice cream mochi it wasn’t difficult to convince shoppers to try the mochi.

And we even sampled their vegan range and most shoppers weren’t able to tell the difference.

Little Moons went truly viral on TikTok with more than 1.2 million views of our ice cream van.

This shows the power of a great mix of a physical brand activation, PR, an amazing product and organic pick up from consumers. And it helped that strategically we were in the right place at the right time.

A highly visual and colourful campaign helps of course.

Hard to miss our bright pink promo van!

What were the results?

  • 15,000+ consumer engagements
  • 16,000+ samples
  • 6x locations
  • 1098 miles travelled

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